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Sonbahar/kış hazine avı ve bize kazandırdıkları (Fall/Winter treasure hunt in the nature)


Today, after we dropped Begüm off for her piano class, I told Emre we were going to collect stuff together from the woods. We spent an hour in the woods and collected colorful leaves, branches, pine cones, sticks and stuff. We walked around with a bag in our hands. He loved the idea. He spent a good one hour discovering the ground and stuffing his treasure into the bag each time he discovered something worthy.

This is what we gathered. While collecting I didn’t speak much on purpose, except for a few questions to practice the language:

Do you see any yellow leaves?

Do you have an orange leaf in the bag?

Wow, a long stick, you wanna put it in the bag?

I couldn’t find any big leaves, do you see any big leaves around?

When I asked these questions, he sometimes nodded his head, or repeated the key words “yellow”, “leaf”, “orange”, “big” at times to respond.

When we got home, we put our stuff onto a tray. I also put a transparent box next to it. Next came our 15 minute language practice for the day.

  1. I picked an object from the tray, examined it carefully and named it and shared an obvious characteristic of the object.  “It’s a leaf, a yellow leaf”. Next was my daughter. She said: “It’s a branch, it’s a big branch.” It was Emre’s turn and to my surprise he said ” onanç leaf”. We had focused on colours earlier but I was expecting colours to be receptive language for another while. I was astonished by this. We also knocked the rocks and some other objects against the metal tray and talked about the sound they made. Emre just repeated sounds like “tink tink” “tac tac        .
  2. Next activity was practicing “big small”. We separated the objects into two groups “small” and “big”. We took turns to do this. Emre was good at naming little items “small” but he still has time to understand relative sizes. He certainly knows the words “big and small” though.

(We will use this material for a few more days to repeat the words and add new concepts like dry, wet/still green)

3. As a culminating activity I asked Emre to bring his autumn book from the shelf. He eagerly did so. This is one of the my first book series by Doğan Egmunt/Martin’s Press. Emre and I love this series because all the pictures in the books are real pictures and the pages are not overcrowded with many irrelevant objects; in fact there is only one photo on each page. This is preferable for this age group according to Montessori, too. We went over the pages and reiterated what we did using the pictures.

“Emre and I went to the woods.”

“We collected leaves, branches and pines”

” We saw red leaves, orange leaves, yellow leaves.”

“We didn’t see a squirrel”.

Today’s target language wasn’t totally new to Emre. Since Autumn, each time we went out I have said similar things and he often repeated them as parroting is what they like doing at this age.

Talk about the weather (Teaching him small talk hey 🙂 It’s cool Emre, isn’t it. It’s sunny. Do you see the moon tonight?

Tallk about the changes in the environment: The leaves are falling down. Leaves are yellow now etc.

Reading books about nature and weather often.




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