Fayetteville Montessori wishes fathers and grandfathers a belated happy Father’s Day!

We hope your day was filled with celebration and receiving thanks for all you do–you deserve it!

Outdoor Toddler Trail Equipment

Take a look at the newest addition to our Infant/Toddler Playground! This is a fabulous trail for working on balance and coordination and for playing follow the leader. It combines stepping stones, balance beam, ramp, hurdles, and a tunnel to crawl through. The new toddler trail equipment is designed to be used outdoors and is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

http://www.safespaceconcepts.com/images/ToddlerTrailFull.jpgCheck out other equipment for infants and toddlers at http://www.safespaceconcepts.com/index.html.

Montessori Elementary Training in San Diego

Fayetteville Montessori Elementary lead teacher, Emily Johnston says ‘hello’ from sunny San Diego, California. She is currently attending the American Montessori Society’s Elementary Certification Training for children ages 6 to 9 years old. The training will last the entire summer and Emily will continue working to complete an internship back at Fayetteville Montessori. She will then return to San Diego next summer to complete her certification for children ages 9 to 12 years old. Receiving one’s elementary certification is a long process, which includes hundreds of hours of training and practice with Montessori Master teachers, as well as countless hours making Montessori work materials. We have the utmost faith that Emily will return full of wisdom and excitement for the fall semester!Here’s what she had to say about her first week:

“I would like to thank Vicki for this amazing opportunity I have been given this summer! I have already completed week one of training and have eight more weeks left out in sunny California! Last week at training we reviewed early childhood Montessori materials.  I loved being able to see different classrooms and talk to other Montessorians about the methods and materials.  This week I begin learning all about the Montessori elementary class.  I will be spending my days learning new lessons  and at night I will be making new materials to bring back to our school.  I am very excited to learn more this summer and bring back new ideas for our school!–Emily Johnston

  Read more about the AMS Elementary Certification at http://www.montessoricenterforteachereducation.org/.

Water Day SprinklersFayetteville Montessori School would like to extend a big thank you to Mr. Tim and Ms. Dallas (P6) for building bright, fun sprinklers for all the primary and early primary playgrounds! The kids were overjoyed on Friday and your dedication to our school is indescribable. Thank you.

Fayetteville Montessori welcomes Timothy HursleyTimothy Joseph Hursley is an architectural photographer whose works have been featured in architectural journals and museums around the world. He began his photography career as

Balthazar Korab’s assistant. Korab–a pioneer in modern architectural photography–taught Hursley the craft of large-format photography and black-and-white photographic printing. As Hursley advanced in photo assignments, Korab’s approach to architectural photography influenced his images. Hursley’s photographs were artistic rather than documentary, with a keen sense of abstract structural details found at the intersection of light and form. He developed an aesthetic eye similar to an architect’s.Hursley’s work is primarily produced as archival records for architects and occupants of innovative, modern structures. Celebrated structures photographed by Hursley include: Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York City (1982); the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC (1993); the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio (1995); the Miho Museum in Shiga, Japan (1998); the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain (1998); and the Museum of Modern Art, New York (2004). His photographs are also featured in publications including Architectural Record, Architecture Magazine, The New York Times, The Independent (London, England), and Newsweek.

Hursley has received several awards, most notably a 1987 Award of Excellence by Communications Arts Magazine, a 1990 American Institute of Architects Honor Award, and a 1998 Arkansas Arts Council Fellowship.

In his most rewarding work to date, Hursley and Andrea Oppenheimer Dean (

freelance writer and editor in architecture, design, and related fields) authored Rural Studio: Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency (published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2002). Spanning nine years of road trips, Hursley’s project documented impoverished residents of Hale County, Alabama, and their reconstructed buildings, designed with discarded materials by Samuel Mockbee and his Auburn University students. Significant in photographic history, Hale County people and places were photographed by Walker Evans (1936) and William Christenberry (beginning in 1961). Hursley’s photographs showed the buildings and their proud occupants. The book received excellent reviews, and its photographs were featured in several exhibits, including the “Design Culture Now” at the Smithsonian, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York (2000) and “Rural Studio—Three Thesis Projects” at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York (2002).In 2003 and 2004, Hursley photographed the

Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock. Exhibited in the Historic Arkansas Museum, Hursley’s photographs documented the center’s construction from the ground up and “the site as the facade builds within the context of Little Rock.” When not traveling the world to photograph great buildings, Hursley resides in Little Rock with his family.Fayetteville Montessori was lucky enough to welcome Mr. Hursley into our Elementary building to photograph the exquisite architectural design, created by Marlon Blackwell. The team spent over ten hours photograph almost every room of the building, some including the children enjoying the space. His work is sure to display Montessori Elementary’s innovative and inspired learning processes.

Photographer Timothy Hursley.

Associated Builders and Contractors Construction Award

Fayetteville Montessori School, Marlon Blackwell Architect, and Nabholz won the Best of the Best ABC Construction Award.  Victoria Butler, Lindsey Walker, Marlon Blackwell Architects, and members of Nabholz celebrated with a private dinner at Mermaids.

ABC’s  Construction Awards program is designed to publicly recognize the quality and innovation of merit shop construction and to promote ABC’s belief that a construction project where the choice of contractor and subcontractor is based on price, ability and performance – without regard to labor affiliation – produces the highest quality and most cost-effective project. The award honors all members of the team responsible for the award-winning project, from contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, to owners and architects. By focusing on the highest quality and innovation in merit shop construction, ABC calls attention to the “best of the best” and continues to raise standards throughout the construction industry.

Victoria Butler, Lindsey Walker, Marlon Blackwell and Architects, and members of Nabholz Construction accept the “Best of the Best” Award.


 This Month at Montessori…

Fayetteville Montessori staff members want you to know what’s been going on in their classrooms: Art and Practical Life!

InfantThe infant classes have bee utilizing all time that can be spent outside by going on walks in the morning, enjoying morning snack outside, and, of course, partaking in water day! Indoors, our infants have also been getting to know texture boards!

Fayetteville Montessori infants love their outside time! 


Toddler classes love finger painting on a hot day! It becomes a very exploratory activity–feeling the paint in between their fingers and, as see below, seeing how it works in hair! Toddlers have enjoyed practicing planting and watering, as well.

Toddlers enjoy finger painting and gardening.

Early Primary

Last week was so fun in Early Primary! Students created ocean creatures, as well as underwater scenes. Other classes have been practicing setting the table and distinguishing between fork, spoon, and knife. All classes continue to promote healthy habits by encouraging the children to wash their own faces and hands. Students love to watch themselves in the mirror! Early primary classes also participated in water day this week, and did some shaving cream painting while outside! 

Early primary students enjoy their outside time, whether they are gardening, painting with shaving cream, or just hanging out! Students also enjoyed table-setting and washing their faces in the mirror.

PrimaryPrimary classes have been very busy working on a multitude of subjects! One class, who is studying dinosaurs, puts together a beautiful dinosaur puzzle, as well as gently digs for dinosaur bones! Other classes have been working with plants–trimming grass, cleaning leaves, and watering them once the soil is dry. In art, one class is studying Kandinsky this month, and created their own inspired Kandinsky piece.

In practical life, primary students practice sifting and transferring, as well as buckle dressing frames.

Early Elementary

There is so much fun to be had in Early Elementary! Students created their own bubble wands out of string and wire hangers, as well as made their very own bubbles! They tried their new wands and bubbles out on water day. Last week, early elementary also built a volcano, starting with the core and working out. The finished project was so excited to watch!

Early Elementary made bubble wands and a volcano last week!

FMS Summer Camps

Traditional Montessori Summer

This summer camp is studying the Southwest, which includes the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Last week, students dived into southwestern cuisine and native art. Our students enjoyed making “pinch pots” out of red clay. They painted the clay pots with white paint and drew native pictures on them. The students enjoyed identifying the animal represented by each native drawing. The class also sampled agave nectar and sage, which were collected and consumed by the ancestors of the Pueblo tribes!
Summer camp students enjoy collecting nature outside, creating “pinch pots,” identifying butterflies, and practicing handwriting in their personal notebooks!

Discovery Outdoor CampDiscovery Outdoor Camp enjoyed some quality time at the Buffalo River and Hawksbill Crag this week. Students hiked to the cliff and took a step out on the ridge! They also tried to escape the heat with a swim in the Buffalo. Last, they put their canoeing knowledge to the test and tried different paddle strokes on the water.

Students hike up to Hawksbill Crag, learn about bats, and go on a canoe trip!

Art Camp

Art Camp is moving along swimmingly! Last week, students in art camp made their own unique meditation jars. The kids also created colorful collages out of chipboard and cardboard box dioramas! This project was an excellent practice in the process of art. Students were expected to come up with a project idea unique to themselves. They then decorated the boxes according to their project proposal. Last, they created puppets to use in the diorama as the final touch! 

Students spent quality time sketching this week! Art camp kids are loving their finished products!

Science CampScience camp had a very exciting week! This camp is primarily responsible for maintaining the garden alongside the elementary playground, so each morning begins with watering, weeding, and planting. The plants are producing vegetables and the kids couldn’t be more excited! Inside, students began discussing suspension and weight. They made sturdy bridges out of Kinex. To finish out the week, students enjoyed a morning in the water, followed by a sea start dissection with Vicki Butler! The kids loved seeing the insides of the echinoderm and could identify all its parts by the end! They look forward to the next dissection: an earthworm!

Science camp students build bridges, dissect sea stars, play logic games, garden, and share scientific items found in their homes!

Mark your Calendar!

July 4 & 5 Independence Day Weekend–No School